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The BA 1008 family is growing and it now has a new member - the BA 1008 HP

Almac now introduces its new product that was brought to light at the recent Siams 2016 exhibition. The new BA 1008 HP can be considered as the big sister of the BA 1008. It offers a lot of advancements that will appeal to even the most demanding of customers.

What does HP stand for?
This is quite easy: it means "High Pressure" as this is the most striking benefit of this new machine, as it allows machining with high-pressure coolant supply through the spindle (120 bar). This is a huge advantage for this type of machine and it enables the reduction of the drilling times especially with deep-hole drilling while ensuring perfect quality and precision.

Perfect fluid, workpiece and chip management  
The peripheral fluid management system has been conveniently mounted on the rear side of BA 1008 HP. This unit comprises a 120 bar high-pressure pump for through-the-spindle coolant supply, a 5 bar pump for shower coolant supply to the machining area, a plate heat exchanger for thermal stabilisation of the cutting oil and also a tank with a capacity of up to 300 litres. 

Moreover, a transfer pan is installed on the machine side. This enables the cutting oil leaving the machining area to be filtered first through a filter bag (100 µm, 50 µm or 25 µm) and then through a 6 micron cartridge filter. This transfer pan has a an oil capacity of 70 liters and includes a large 30 liter chip bucket.

The oil leaving the machining area can thus be perfectly filtered and passed on to the high-pressure tank. In this way, the cutting oil is cooled before it is used for high-pressure coolant supply and shower coolant supply. The finished parts are carefully transported to a collecting tray that is easily accessible from the machine side.
To be showcased at EPMT/EPHJ
The BA 1008 HP machine is going to be showcased at the EPMT that will take place from June 14th to 17th at the Palexpo exhibition center in Geneva. Do not hesitate to visit us and have a look at this amazing machine at booth B82. The Almac representatives will be pleased to give you a full demonstration of the machine.  


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