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The DunnAir system is expanding rapidly on a growing number of machines

Launched six years ago, the DunnAir system was developed by the company Walter Dünner SA, in Moutier, in order to remove the disadvantages linked to the sometimes variable quality of the material used. Indeed, even if they meet the commonly agreed tolerances, bars do not always present the same diameter over their whole length. These variations, although sometimes very small, are yet sufficient to induce vibrations and regularly cause tool breakages.

Advantages in comparison with a traditional guide bush
Designed to replace the rotating guide bushes generally provided by the machine manufacturers, the DunnAir system offers many advantages. First but not least, the user does not necessarily have to be able to adjust a guide bush. In reality, the compressed air used for clamping being slightly elastic, it allows the AirFlex guide bush to adapt to the changing raw material. Moreover, there is no need to rectify the raw material before use. This system also allows to use bars of slightly different diameters (with however a maximum variation of 0,5 mm), which can be helpful in the case of a stock shortage for example. With this margin of 0,5 mm, the use of intermediate diameters becomes pointless. Four different positions ensure trouble-free operations:

  • Open for bar loading
  • Guiding pressure 1 and 2, respectively for finishing or
  • normal machining, and for normal or roughing machining
  • Closed, which ensures a clamping comparable to machining with a collet

Read the article published in Eurotec.

Watch the testimonial video.


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