15.02.2016 JAG Jakob SA C - Automatisation

The JAG PdiCS Automation Solution controls robots

Increase productivity

Manual and automated work steps can be flexibly combined with lightweight robots, without the need for complex physical separation of automated and manual activities. This avoids the need for cumbersome protection devices. Man-machine collaboration becomes reality.

No retooling efforts

The JAG robotic solution manages control programs and parameters. Downloading of control programs and entering of parameters are not required to switch to new production series.

JAG Robotic Solutions

  • Operator panel or PC with a simple and intuitive user interface (MMI)

  • Applications for production planning (JAG WebFPS)

  • PLC to control the robot and connecting with sensors and actuators

  • Integration with peripheral systems such as material loading systems, monitoring systems and cameras

  • Control cabinets with drive and interface components

The Production Planning System JAG WebFPS

The JAG Robotic Solution is based on the production planning system JAG WebFPS:

  • Web browser-based application for process control and visualization

  • Standard modules for alarm handling, management of product items and recipes, visualization, statistics, reporting and user management

  • Access via internet with PC, tablet or smart phone


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