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14.09.2021 SIAMS J - Entreprises de services

The SIAMS team continues to evolve ... and the exhibitor committee works on the future of the event

Information for the press of September 14, 2021
The SIAMS Exhibitors Committee met at the Forum de l'Arc in Moutier to discuss the future of the event, work out ways to improve it, propose ideas and meet the new organizing team. The executives of about twenty companies from different sectors and regions of Switzerland were pleased to meet once again in person for a very positive meeting.

After the two date cancellations of 2020, the virtual SIAMS in 2020, a SIAMS+ of 2021 and a 96% full SIAMS 2022, the participants were keen to meet and exchange ideas in a positive and congenial atmosphere.

Changes in the team
The first information the participants received was that of the new SIAMS Customer Manager (from July 2022). Christophe Bichsel, 40 years old and with a lot of experience in the field of microtechnology was introduced. He is to replace Laurence Roy, who is currently organizing her last SIAMS. CEO Pierre-Yves Kohler explains: "Laurence has now been with us since the end of 2005 and has a perfect command of the organization of the show. She always meets our customers with friendliness and competence. We will miss her very much and wish her all the best for her future life." He added: "SIAMS is still a few months away, but we wanted to involve Christoph very early on to give him the opportunity to fully familiarize himself with Laurence's 'style', but also to ensure a smooth transition; because we definitely want to maintain our way of dealing with customers - friendly, personable and yet professional."

From left to right: Christophe Bichsel, Laurence Roy and Pierre-Yves Kohler in Hall 1.1 (which can hardly wait for the next SIAMS stands).

A fourth entrance
One of the strengths of SIAMS is its manageable size - yet since 2018, the organizers have created a full three entrances to better distribute the flow of visitors. In view of the pandemic and the likely need to check covid certificates in 2022, the exhibitors' committee has decided to set up a fourth entrance. This will open directly onto Hall 1.0 (the marquee) and will not only improve visitor flow management, but will also better showcase exhibitors in this hall, which is considered to be somewhat out of the way. Laurence Roy specifies, "There are still booths available in Hall 1.0, and the fact that we've added a new entrance here makes it even more interesting." Visitors arriving by shuttle bus will be randomly assigned to the various entrances based on the order in which the buses arrive.

With a fourth entrance, the show should solve any congestion issues while enhancing the booths in Hall 1.0, which some feel is "a bit out of the way."

Another plus for visitors and exhibitors
On the SIAMS website, each exhibitor has his own communication area. Exhibitor committee members wanted this area, which already allows them to post information as often as they want, to be fleshed out even further. In particular, they wanted to create a way to manage a download library where they could make available all the documents they wanted. The part that allows visitors to prepare their visit to the show and create a personalized list will be improved so that they can announce their visit to exhibitors and even inform them in advance about the topic they want to discuss. Christophe Bichsel explains what this is all about: "The participants in the exhibitors' committee did not want to set up a system for booking appointments, as they considered this too restrictive and counterproductive. However, the idea of setting up a way to announce a visit was accepted."

Many ideas to study
Many other ideas were put forward to enable exhibitors to participate in the best possible way: a possible integration of virtual elements, the production of video reports on the new products and their broadcast in the months following the show, the implementation of software for additional services and much more. Pierre-Yves Kohler sums up: "We thank the members of the exhibitors' committee for the wealth of ideas and the exchange of ideas! This is a decidedly rich foundation on which we can now further develop SIAMS."

The information portal - an integrated solution
The integrated communication solution, which allows exhibitors to publish news and at the same time complete their profile on our website, is used extensively. In this way, the numerous and targeted news items complete the SIAMS information portal, confirming it as the leading source of information on microtechnology, available 24/7. The meeting of the Exhibitors Committee also allowed the organizers to present the SIAMS collector's jacket, which Yvon Cosandier, Managing Director of RédaTech, received for publishing the 4,000th news item on the website.

The SIAMS - every two years
Since SIAMS is held every even year, the organizers regularly ask themselves whether an annual event would be useful. When asked about this, however, the members of the exhibition committee agreed that for them a SIAMS every two years would be an ideal rhythm. After 2022, SIAMS will thus take place in 2024 (from April 16-19). Pierre-Yves Kohler concluded: "A SIAMS every two years does not mean that we have nothing to offer in between. With the microtechnology information portal and some other services, SIAMS offers exhibitors a constant service; we will also be looking into a virtual SIAMS and a SIAMS+ ... and are also working on other ideas. Our goal is to offer our customers real and virtual opportunities to meet throughout the year." Any bets that the organizers will continue to surprise us?

The next opportunity to come to Moutier: April 5 - 8, 2022.


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