25.04.2019 PROMEC Automation AG A - Machines

Three-Axis Handling with Heavy-Duty Roller Conveyor

The customer required a palletiser with a connected tray recirculation system: Pallet trucks are used to feed Euro pallets loaded with trays into the system and then remove them again at the end of the process.
The palletiser destacks filled trays from the pallets and feeds them into the recirculation system. They are then conveyed to an index station, where a customer-provided robot removes the workpieces from the trays. The empty trays are conveyed back to the palletiser, where they are stacked on empty pallets and made available to be transported away. The system needs to be able to recognise and handle different tray types and different stack heights on the pallets. The machine needs to be built from components that are as tough as possible and be able to operate autonomously for up to 14 hours.

mk Solution
Profile-based transport system with feeding and removal of pallets via heavy-duty roller conveyors. Alignment of tray stacks using pneumatic positioning units with approach angle.

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