06.07.2020 Tornos SA A - Machines

Tornos participates in the European CHARM project, which develops IoT solutions for harsh industrial environments

Launched in June 2020, the European CHARM ECSEL project aims to develop industrial IoT Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with a better tolerance to harsh industrial environments.
Digitalization is key to the continuous renewal and competitiveness of Tornos as well as most European manufacturing industries. The machine tool company, which was approached in the context of the i-moutier incubator, is preparing to take up the challenge, as are the 36 other project partners.

"The conditions in the machining area of our machines make it difficult to integrate sensors and can restrict the possibilities offered by IoT and artificial intelligence (AI). The CHARM project is designed to meet this challenge and enables industrial partners to participate in such research, alongside renowned academic partners," explains Pierre Voumard, PhD, Head of Tornos Research and Development and responsible for launching this new project within the company.

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