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27.07.2021 NGL CLEANING TECHNOLOGY SA E - Matières premières

UPC 3000 Ultrasonic Process Controller


The main parameters for perfect cleaning are: time, temperature, detergent concentration of adequate chemistry, ultrasonic power and water quality.

The UPC 3000 unit comes with 3 sensors, for measuring chemical concentration, bath temperatures, DI water quality, and mechanical action of ultrasounds. In addition to time, these are the most important parameters that need to be monitored to guarantee overall efficency of any ultrasonic cleaning process. And with its simple interface, any operator can use it for monitoring and maintenance checks of the cleaning equipment.

The UPC 3000 ensures on a daily basis that your equipment is properly set up:

  • Measurement of ultrasonic power in Watts/L
    Measure 5 control points to check that minimum ultrasonic power is above 10 W/L.
    Power too low = loss of cleaning efficiency.
    Too much power = risk of attacking the surface of the parts.
  • Temperature measurement
    Too low = loss of cleaning efficiency.
    Too high = damage to the parts or mineral precipitation on the substrate.
    The right T (temperature) ensures optimal performance of your process.
  • Detergent concentration measurement
    Too low = poor cleaning, shorter bath lifetime.
    Too strong = no improvement in detergency, rinsing problems and unnecessary over-consumption.
  • Measuring the quality of demineralised water (down to 0.1 µS)
    Conductivity too high = risk of drying spots



  • Customized configurations, to meet customers’ requirements;
  • Simple interface.

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