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03.11.2022 Walter (Schweiz) AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Walter is expanding its "Gold" range

New Tiger·tec® Gold milling grades WKK25G and WSM35G for cast iron and steel.
Walter is expanding its Tiger·tec® Gold range with two new PVD-coated grades, WKK25G and WSM35G. This is the Tübingen-based company's response to the persistent trend towards steels with difficult cutting properties and stainless steels, such as in the energy and aviation industries. The WKK25G is designed to machine cast iron workpieces. It meets the most stringent requirements for process reliability (e.g. in the automotive sector) and is suitable for highly abrasive materials and difficult operating conditions, such as interrupted cuts or for wet machining. The WSM35G can be used universally with ISO materials from groups M and S (e.g. austenitic stainless steel or nickel-based alloys). It is designed to enable users to achieve long tool life, especially under good conditions and during wet machining.

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