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08.11.2022 L.E.S.S. SA B - Equipements

We deliver lighting that is unmatched in its brightness and thinness

Your trusted partner in quality control and production.
The creation, manufacturing, and assembly of sophisticated watches demands on complex production and quality control process, involving the assembly of multiple precise components of different material and optical properties (as reflective, transparent, and colorful). To enhance the quality control at each step of the production process of high-tech components and systems, we developed versatile and efficient inspection products that benefit from the latest lighting technology: our proprietary nano-active fiber.

Inspection conditions under uniform, directional or diffuse lighting with or without magnification are all integrated on a single modular lamp such that the tightest imperfections can be seen straightforwardly and efficiently. Our PRISMA and CHROMA inspection lamps combined are set to the optimized color temperature, intensity, and high color rendering that remains constant over time to fulfill the strongest quality demands across the manufacturing and assembly steps.

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