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WebExpert joins UDITIS

Active in the information systems sector for medium and large companies, UDITIS is now acquiring WebExpert.
This acquisition aims to support the strong development of WebExpert's activities over the past few years, particularly in the context of the digitalisation mandates of customs formalities entrusted by the Chambers of Commerce.

A better foundation for the customers
Hervé Sanglard (founder and director of WebExpert) is now a partner of UDITIS and member of the management team alongside Michel Perrin, François Farquet and Thierry Linder. WebExpert’s activities are assured and developed, as is the monitoring of the current client base, under the umbrella of UDITIS.

For UDITIS, this development is an opportunity to strengthen its skills and open up internationally, particularly in the development of online and tailored solutions, e-commerce websites, and intranet and extranet solutions for various markets.

Goal: to be a "leader" in digital transformation
The acquisition by UDITIS of WebExpert will help strengthen the digitisation services it offers in terms of jobs and services. The growth of the company, thanks to a solid customer portfolio, new skills and fifty or so employees, make UDITIS a leader in digitalisation.

Digital transformation is now a key activity area for UDITIS, which has developed PASSAGE 2020, a personalised support programme for companies wishing to take advantage of the digital transition in the organisation's spaces, value chain, and products and services, as well as in customer/supplier integration. This programme is proving very successful and is being further reinforced by this new acquisition.

Additional information:
Hervé Sanglard, CEO WebExpert
+41 32 724 75 44


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