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What are the benefits of simulation for the watch industry?

Efficiently integrate virtual prototypes into watchmaking development

Ansys' multi-physics simulation solutions enable watchmakers to accelerate the development of their products, both for movement and casing, taking into account both mechanical and aesthetic aspects.
Ansys enables them to create virtual prototypes thanks to static, dynamic, fluidic, electromagnetic-acoustic calculations or optical simulations. These simulations enable them to go further than physical tests in understanding phenomena. In addition, it is possible to virtually test numerous alternatives for a small additional cost and in record time.   
This webinar aims to give you a technical overview of the solutions available to accelerate and reduce your development costs; and to understand how to integrate Ansys into your company's development process.
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The gains brought by the simulation
- Simulation in the service of dressing
- Simulation at the service of movement

Structure calculation
- Common structural calculations for watch parts
- Ice flushing with an elastomer seal
- Tightness study with pressure penetration
- Flexible guides and dynamic vibration analysis

Mechanism dynamics
- Introduction to the simulation of rigid and flexible bodies with Ansys Motion
- Short-time force mechanisms with LS-Dyna in WB

Examples of Acoustic calculations and optical simulations
- Video examples


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