24.09.2021 Lasertec BV A - Machines

Why has laser welding appealed to the medical industry?

Laser welding is the most accurate welding process available today with the least amount of heat. 
This procedure allows the assembly of thin parts of less than 1 mm without any deformation.

The medical industry and its needs in laser welding
In the medical industry, the application of laser welding can be used in the manufacture of various equipment, such as scanner and diagnostic equipment, as well as machines for suture production.

Our systems used are also capable of producing laser spot (single pulse) and seam (multi-pulse overlap) welds, including hermetically sealed laser welds. We also have a range of fiber laser welding systems for more precise welding with smaller spots. Pacemakers, defibrillators, guide wires, catheters, hearing aids, orthodontic appliances, prosthetics and surgical tools are just a few of the many successful applications of medical devices created using our laser welding systems. 

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