02.12.2015 Flury Tools AG G - Transformation des métaux - sous traitance

Your strong business partner

The high-precision manufacturing of components and parts has a long tradition in the Swiss Plateau (Mittelland) region. FLURY TOOLS is also one of the innovative supplier companies claiming „HIGH QUALITY FROM SWITZERLAND".

The family business has been run through the fi rst and second generation, and uses modern machinery in the core fi eld of profi le grinding. With great experience, fl exibility and the personal commitment of all employees, FLURY TOOLS is ideally equipped to carry out special tasks.

Processing techniques

  • CNC projection optical grinding
  • CNC external cylindrical grinding
  • CNC precision profi le surface grinding
  • High–performance grinding
  • Creep feed grinding
  • Peel grinding
  • Manufacturing complex individual parts
  • Manufacturing small and large production runs
  • Materials: HSS and hard metal, stainless and acid–resistant steels, titanium, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc.
  • Batch sizes: individual parts, small to large production runs


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