18.08.2020 SIAMS J - Entreprises de services

A powerful tool to plan your visit to SIAMS.

Prepare your visit in advance simply and quickly
You can simplify your visit to SIAMS by using our planning system. Simply tick the companies you wish to visit in the "reservation” column on the lsit of exhibitors (1) (2) (or on any page where the icon appears (3), for example the profile page of an exhibitor).

The contacts are thereupon placed in your "shopping cart”.

Once your list is finalized, you can download it as PDF (5) or even add the data to your calendar. This list will contain the master data of the companies as well as the hall and stand numbers. 

If you wish to inform the exhibitors of your intention to visit (this is optional), you can simply check the box. A window will open and you can give some information (4). Please note that this is not a request for an appointment but rather a notice of visit.

Enjoy your trip to Moutier and your visit! 


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