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26.03.2018 ATP Hydraulik AG C - Automatisation

FLeX-Series™ Solenoid Valves and Spools by SUN Hydraulics

These16 completely new solenoid-operated cartridge valves and three new coils are the first products in the FLeX-Series™ Solenoid Valves by SUN Hydraulics for both industrial and mobile hydraulics markets.

Designed to outperform comparable valves in the market, FLeX Series solenoid valves deliver what you're looking for in a range of solenoid vavles:

  • Consistently better pressure drop in a virtually leak-proof poppet-style valve
  • Designed and tested to exceed 10-million-cycle operations
  • Zinc-nickel plating standard (1000-hour salt fog) on valve and coil
  • Coil options that include interchangeable low-power, high-power and hazardous location (explosion-proof) versions for expanded configuration flexibility
  • Valve and coil package that delivers a perfect market-priced solution

The FLeX Series valves use SUN’s unique floating-style design, adding an extra layer of security in those harsh applications where torque and force can become excessive.

As ATP Hydraulik is the official Distributor for SUN Hydraulics in Switzerland, we are able to deliver SUN products out of stock, in an extremely short delivery time.

FLeX-Series™ Solenoid Valves and Spools by SUN Hydraulics


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