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28.01.2017 SIAMS J - Entreprises de services

The SIAMS Club – a plus for exhibitors

The idea of the club was validated by the SIAMS Exhibitors’ Committee and, in the meantime, a first 4.0 event took place in Alsace on the occasion of the first trip arranged by the club. The forty places available for this first trip were quickly booked up and the organizers thank the exhibitors for their confidence in them. 

FAJI does not only see itself as a fair organizer, but rather as a partner that offers a targeted platform for presentation and exchange to enterprises active along the entire chain of microtechnology production and clients able to make use of what they offer. It is in this context and in co-operation with about twenty manufacturers, all of them members of the Exhibitors’ Committee, that the organizers decided to set up the Exhibitors’ Club.

The first event – a full success  
Given that Industry 4.0 has become quite fashionable and that many companies among the SIAMS exhibitors are already more or less active in this field, the organizers wanted to present the respective facts. A trip to Alsace offered the participants an opportunity to discover two companies at the forefront of this concept based on the digitization of production. Registrations clearly showed that the topic is important and that the industry is on the lookout for valuable information; that’s why its representatives put quite some pressure on the organizers to ensure the event would be a success.

A red-hot study of the 40 participants  
The core idea of the club is to provide value and enable members to discover secret or hard-to-access enterprises while informing themselves and networking in a convivial environment. On the return journey, the participants replied to a poll regarding their satisfaction. Are they happy now?  

The results?
The participants affirmed the high quality of the event and stated their interest in taking part. They have already announced that if the next events arranged by the club should be cut from the same cloth, they want to be part of it, too. The organizer added: "The participants supplied us with many ideas for the future and – even though the first trip was already a great success – we are currently considering ways to improve it.” Questioned as to the desired frequency, the participants whished for an annual or a semi-annual meeting.  

Download the survey results here (French)


The picture shows the SEW Usocome site of Brumath, visited on the first day. Labelled as "factory of the future”, it is easy to understand why (Photo Gaël Klein).


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