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Why exhibit at the heart of the microtechnology market

Taking part in a trade fair requires a large investment of money, personnel, and time and, therefore,  it is important to choose well.

Why participate in SIAMS then?

  • Moutier is located in the very centre of the historic market of the production of small precision parts.
  • Here, the entire production chain of microtechnology is united in a single place.
  • The fair specializes in the fields of small and precision parts.
  • Its manageable size allows visitors to spend enough time on the stands that interest them.
  • The size of the stands is precisely defined and cannot be exceeded.
  • Economically, large stands are quite unnecessary to be seen and noticed. 
  • Due to its historical and regional roots, the fair allows an exchange at all levels. Both exhibitors and visitors know that SIAMS focuses on its region and production, and not merely on its image.
  • At its total of 17 events to date, SIAMS has succeeded in developing the profile of a clearly defined and easily accessible trade fair, recognized by national and international players.
  • The presence of exhibitors from the entire value chain of microtechnology allows them to work together to do business,
  • and provide visitors with synergies, which further enhance the attractiveness of the fair.
  • Over the years, SIAMS has become more international, so an increasing number of interested persons visit each of its events.

The organizers help exhibitors to maximize their presence at the fair by offering them numerous tools and communication measures before SIAMS takes place (especially the news broadcasting system (users'guide in French and German).

Nothing is easier than to participate, because the organizers see themselves as responsible partners for the success of their exhibitors.

For some exhibitors’ opinions, visit the website and read their own statements.

For 2024 exhibitors, to register for 2026 you can use the same login as in 2024 and the one you use to publish News. > Login here (from June 2025).To pre-reserve your stand for 2026, please fill in the form at SIAMS 2024 (also available for download on the right).

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