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Behind the scenes at SIAMS - Images


SIAMS 2024 is the first to be organized by the “new team”. Account Manager Christophe Bichsel (left) has seamlessly integrated into the SIAMS world.


SIAMS 2024 is the first to be organized by the “new team”. Account Manager Christophe Bichsel (left) has seamlessly integrated into the SIAMS world.


The CEO of FAJI and organizer of SIAMS tells us: ”We don't sell square metres, but create and enhance opportunities for our clients to meet and do business."


SIAMS-related events are currently being organized. Our objective? To add even more value to be enjoyed by exhibitors and visitors to the event.



With 15,000 visitors and an incredibly positive atmosphere, the post-Covid edition of SIAMS 2022 raised the level of expectation to an unprecedented level. The organizers are well aware of this and are doing their utmost to ensure that SIAMS 2024 will be just as excellent.


At the inauguration of the 2022 event, local, cantonal, and federal political speeches were “blasted” by Pascal Meyer, the troublemaker from QoQa. The organizers have a few ideas for 2024, though nothing has been decided as yet.

Next spring, the Forum de l'Arc in Moutier will once again be the very “centre of microtechnology”. Between April 16th  and 19th, 2024, the organizers are expecting about 450 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors.

In the midst of the microtechnology Jura:
The robotic hands that form a heart on the SIAMS visuals are evolving and setting the tone for this year's event. SIAMS will remain faithful to its mission as an advocate of microtechnology, but it highlights two other very important elements:
1) it is located at the very heart of the Jura Arc well-known for its microtechnology and
2) it places the quality of our relationship (and affection) for all participants at the heart of its development strategy.


Although, today, the digital world and robots are increasingly present in the world of business, they are no substitute for a friendly and effective meeting place such as SIAMS.


In April 2023, the latest innovation of SIAMS, the SIAMS TV Days, provided 14 companies and institutions with a strong and positive presence through broadcasts and reports. The 10 programmes of “Les défis de l’industrie” [The Challenges of Industry] are available for replay on www.canalalpha.ch/siams.
The next SIAMS TV Days will take place from April 7th – April 11th, 2025.



With its information portal v2, SIAMS aims to strengthen its position as a unique service provider for microtechnology companies and, thus, enable its clients to directly communicate with the very centre of the microtechnology world.

In this age of fake news and the proliferation of sources, the SIAMS platform offers highly specialized information to a highly targeted audience, anywhere in the world and on any medium.


















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