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Register as a journalist to receive more info and VIP pass

As the organizers of trade fairs, we strive to provide easier access to information and the SIAMS website to journalists. To this end, we offer you the opportunity to accredit yourself in advance (on site, too, of course). Accreditation is solely granted for journalistic purposes.


Benefits of Accreditation

  • Early receipt of the admission ticket and parking card (if desired)
  • No waiting at the entrance (with prior accreditation)
  • Press kit for accredited journalists


Getting a Press Accreditation

  1. As holder of a proper press card of a journalists’ association in Switzerland or abroad.
  2. As holder of a proper press card of a trade journalists’ association.
  3. Swiss or foreign nationals who can prove their journalistic activity (including photojournalism) as follows:
    a. through submission of articles published under that person’s name that are no older than six months at the time of the event,
    b. through submission of a magazine that has the person’s name listed as editor or staff member, 
    c. by means of a web link to an online publication about microtechnology by this person.

Please note that the organizers of SIAMS reserve the right to carry out further checks for evidence of relevant journalistic activity, even in case a press card was presented. Credentials shall have to be presented in French, German or English. There is no legal entitlement to accreditation.