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Inform Your Network and Invite Your Contacts

Invite your customers and contacts to visit you at SIAMS to learn about your products!

To help you invite your contacts and partners to the fair and learn about your activities, we have prepared several documents that will make your job easier.


Documents for 2026 will be available at a later date.

Documents for 2024 


As "admin” you may, via login:

  • order an advertisement in the catalogue. - Deadline for the submission of the ad and the catalogue entry: Dec, 29, 2023.
  • Order a logo or banner on the home page of SIAMS.
  • Order additional promotional material (Deadline: Jan. 05th, 2024), namely:
    • promotional stickers,
    • prospectus, "Why visit the fair?”
    • A3 posters 


Forum de l'Arc
Rue industrielle 98
2740 Moutier


By car: GPS code
Latitude: 7.361934
Longitude: 47.270826

Access by public transport
Shuttle bus from Moutier station

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