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Logo Sigmatek Schweiz AG

Sigmatek Schweiz AG

Schmittestrasse 9
CH-8308 Illnau
+41 52 354 50 50

Halle 1.2 | A12

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Main activity
C. Automation

  • C. Automation
    • 3101. Electronic and numerical controls
    • 3103. Programmable controls
    • 3104. Logic units and microprocessors
    • 3105. Controls, other
    • 3301. Hardware
    • 3302. Software
  • J. Service companies
    • 9102. Planning - Consulting
    • 9105. Service companies, others
Visualization HTML5 Operator panels (capacitive multi-touch) Control systems (PLC, IPC, Soft-PLC) Input and output systems (IP20 and IP67) Integrated safety (SIL3 PLe) Motion (drives, servo motors, gears) Real-time Ethernet (Varan and Ethercat) OOP-based engineering tool (license free) Industry 4.0 (OPC UA server / client) Service (training and engineering)