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Logo DLK Technologies SA

DLK Technologies SA

Aulnes 1
CH-2400 Le Locle
+41 32 930 50 50

Halle 1.1 | D20

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Main activity
B. Equipment

  • B. Equipment
    • 2303. Water treatment machines
  • J. Service companies
    • 9101. Design and development offices
    • 9102. Planning - Consulting
DLK, and Enviro-Chemie specialise in industrial water treatment. The proposed solutions are used for the treatment of waste water, the production of process water ( & Enviro-Falk), the recycling and recovery of precious metals. The proposed techniques are; high-performance biological systems specially adapted for the treatment of soaps and oils; physico-chemical units for heavy metals; filtration, membrane filtration (nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) and evaporation for the recycling of process water and the revalorization of precious metals, UV disinfection, resins, decanting. The proposed installations range from very small compact units to medium units (1 m3/day to 10 m3/h). The majority of the facilities are designed and developed in Le Locle, (Jura Arc). They are all tailor-made according to customer demand. We ensure the follow-up and maintenance of these installations once they have been commissioned, as well as the supply of all consumables and, if necessary, the relocation and/or commissioning of these installations.