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Logo Marcel Aubert SA

Marcel Aubert SA

Gurnigelstrasse 48
CH-2560 Nidau
+41 32 365 51 31

Halle 1.1 | A9

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L’optique au service de la production à un nom, Marcel Aubert SA.

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Main activity
A. Machines

  • A. Machines
  • B. Equipment
    • 2202. Electronic measuring devices
    • 2203. Control devices
    • 2204. Industrial optics - Microscopes - Projectors
    • 2208. Measuring and control equipment, other
    • 2209. Quality control, other
Since 1946, Marcel Aubert has specialized in the customization of optical measuring devices. Combined with a responsive after-sales service, our wide range of products meets the requirements of the industrial sector.