07.01.2020 Décovi SA G - Transformation des métaux - sous traitance

10 years is worth celebrating!

The story begins in 2009. Décovi was approached to machine tungsten, a material that is difficult to work with and very complex to decorate. "We accepted the challenge and after a few weeks, we were machining tungsten parts that already looked like oscillating weights," recalls Claude Chèvre, Décovi's CEO.

Décovi quickly realized that everything had to be rethought. From clamping the parts, to cutting speeds, to measuring techniques or robotic loading, procedures were optimized and more automated to produce these masses. And let's not forget the most important thing: the oscillating mass is one of the most visible components of movement. This is why it is so important to take care of the aesthetics and finish of the mass.

This is where Decovi's know-how and innovative energy comes into play. In the beginning, the Acrotec Group company was limited to turning, milling and deburring operations. And then, Décovi added decorations (spiral-wrapping, Côtes de Genève, strapping, satin-finishing, surface treatment, sparing and pad printing), laser engraving, colouring and, more recently, assembling the ball bearing on the masses. Result: Décovi now offers a completely finished "Swiss Made" oscillating weight at competitive prices thanks to the volume processed and the very high level of automation, a performance that is possible thanks to Décovi's hundred or so employees who work continuously and to the more than 100 CNC machines that have been designed with the manufacturer to meet the specific production requirements of the Jura company, from prototyping to mass production. "We produce nearly 1'000'000 parts per year. This success is the reward for ten years of effort and unique know-how that is the strength of Swiss watchmaking," concludes Stéphane Grabalosa, head of watch sales.

"The greatest brands of Swiss fine watchmaking have placed their trust in us. We supply nearly two hundred models to a hundred or so customers or manufacturers. »

Claude Chèvre, CEO of Décovi SA


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