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09.11.2015 Willemin-Macodel SA A - Machines

701S - 3-axis machining centre with paralle kinematics

The 701S machine is the first machining centre to truly make full use of the dynamic control and rigidity offered by delta-type kinematics.

True to Willemin-Macodel’s reputation, this machine delivers ultra-high-precision machining conditions using very-high-speed machining technology. The 701S machining centre, the very essence of innovation, offers unrivalled precision and dynamic control for micro-machining applications.

The very-high performance powered spindle has been specially developed to fit seamlessly with the kinematics on the 701S machine. It meets the most stringent requirements in terms of precision and quality. The tools are directly fixed on the powered spindle, with no need OF a tool holder. Its maximum speed of rotation is 80,000 rpm.

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701S - 3-axis machining centre with paralle kinematics


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