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04.07.2024 Seckler AG C - Automation

Always a burr less – SECKLER deburo

Deburring remains an issue in all mechanical processes even today, despite the use of the best machining technology. 
Machining burrs occur as a result of operations such as milling, turning, grinding, honing, etc. However, today‘s pressure on costs and the rising quality requirements mean that process-reliable, fully automated solutions are now indispensable.

SECKLER has been making deburring technology for 25 years, using wire brushes or nylon impregnated brushes with abrasive grit. SECKLER deburo automatic brush deburrers are individually tailored solutions guaranteeing optimum workflow in manufacturing pro­cesses.

  • High productivity, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... ­  
  • Guaranteed repetition with identical processing quality and uniform surface quality ­  
  • Workplace humanisation, by automating harmful processes (metal powders) and reducing the risk of injury from burrs ­  
  • High availability of systems ­  
  • Tailored, customer-oriented solutions ­  
  • Highly economical systems – rapid ROI ­  
  • Technological details handled in the strictest confidence ­  
  • CE marked and ISO 9001 certified

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Always a burr less – SECKLER deburo


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