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15.11.2023 CADFEM (Suisse) AG J - Service companies

Increasing Material and Energy Efficiency

Concrete solutions and benefits from a financial, technical and ecological point of view
The new challenges facing industrial companies to ensure their long-term survival:

  • Rising costs of raw materials and energy: how can we be sober without reducing product quality and production rates?
  • Gradual introduction of carbon taxes: how can we anticipate these costs and adapt our production methods?
  • Increasingly stringent environmental requirements: how can we respond to stricter standards, customer demand and the goal of energy neutrality by 2050?

In all cases, companies prefer to anticipate this transition, rather than endure it and become uncompetitive.

CADFEM (Suisse) AG can provide you with food for thought on the following key questions:

  • Which company players could facilitate this transition?
  • How can the environmental performance of products be improved?
  • What digital tools are available?
  • What are the direct financial benefits?

Visit the CADFEM website to find out more.

Increasing Material and Energy Efficiency


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