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16.11.2023 Precitrame Machines SA A - Machines

K5-5 Micromachining center 5 axes

The K5 compact machining center is part of an innovative concept which consists in having the manufacturing equipment on the same scale as the parts to be produced.
The precision and durability of this compact machine is the result of the extremely short force loops and the lightest possible moving parts. This creates extreme dynamics, allowing high-speed machining to be carried out while following a very precise trajectory.

  • Solid base frame for high machine stability
  • High-speed machining with 2.5G accelerations of the machining axis
  • Automatic tool changer up to 50 positions and intermediate buffer with 4 position
  • Reduced floor space and energy consumption

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K5-5 Micromachining center 5 axes


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