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15.11.2021 Borer Chemie AG E - Raw materials

Precision Parts Cleaning and Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning

Precision parts cleaning and ultrasonic parts cleaning in the metal-processing industry meet the highest demands.
We are your specialist.

In the precision metal industry, the requirements that have to be met for the aqueous cleaning of parts are enormous.  Besides factors such as material compatibility and the contaminants themselves, the success of aqueous cleaning processes depends above all on taking the customer’s existing cleaning system fully into account in the cleaning proposal. 

We are willing to develop specific cleaning processes for you, taking advantage of our enormous range of well-proven and successful aqueous cleaning products. In addition, you have the opportunity of being present during the development of such a process in our process laboratory if you wish to do so. 

When the optimized cleaning process is finally implemented, either our local representative or we are at your service. This guarantees that the cleaning process runs smoothly in your ready-for-production process right from the very start.

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Precision Parts Cleaning and Ultrasonic Parts Cleaning


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