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08.02.2024 Schmidt Technology GmbH A - Machines

Redundant laminar flow monitoring at one measuring point

SCHMIDT® duplex flow sensor SS 20.415 Twin* is a high-precision 2-in-1 flow sensor solution for laminar flow monitoring.
A redundant monitoring of the laminar flow with two independently working flow sensors at one measuring point, without mutual interference, is thus successfully solved.

Monitoring the flow in cleanrooms and clean areas
A direction-defined air flow in clean rooms protects products from contamination and disruptive particles are safely removed. For this purpose, a uniform air flow from the ceiling to the floor is maintained in clean rooms with high cleanliness classes (“directed, low-turbulence displacement flow”; monitoring range from wN = 0.36 to 0.54 m/s). The measurement is carried out on the clean room side after the terminal filters. Since the air circulation is throttled during idle times, high-precision measurement of the air speed from 0.1 m/s is necessary.

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Redundant laminar flow monitoring at one measuring point


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