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01.04.2024 SIAMS J - Service companies

SIAMS innovates once again by offering on-board AI to all its visitors

The exhibition for the entire microtechnology production chain takes the use of AI one step further, offering SIAMS visitors the chance to implant a 7G chip and on-board AI.

The neural networks of the human brain offer unprecedented possibilities that are totally inaccessible to AI. Gilbert Gossen, SIAMS' consultant neurosurgeon, explains: "Our brain connectivity can change a great deal over the course of our lives, depending in particular on how much we learn. This can lead to the appearance or disappearance of certain connections, thanks to the process of cerebral plasticity". This is the basis on which researchers from the Jura Arc region have been working, and they have come up with a solution that enables AI to be implanted in the visitors' own cortex.

Better use of the brain
This AI will take advantage of the incredible capacities of the human brain and its billions of connections to work in close collaboration with its owner. Show director Pierre-Yves Kohler explains: "Each augmented visitor will have an integrated personal assistant. Always available, always logical, always relevant, it will provide everyone with the right information at the right time".

A very simple implementation
The AI implementation itself is very simple: the welcome drink served to visitors will include a cocktail of nanoparticles. Within minutes of ingestion, visitors will already be Augmented Visitors. Pierre-Yves Kohler adds: "However, for the system to work at its best, the AI must be able to connect to the network. To solve this problem, microtechnology companies in the Jura Arc region have developed an implantable micro-module comprising a 7G chip, a WIFI card and a piezoelectric converter that connects to the muscle fibers in the thorax. The operation takes just a minute and is painless".

A new business model for SIAMS
While integration of the AI and micromodule is free of charge, their use is limited to one month. After this period, the AI will no longer be operational without renewal of the annual service subscription. For 109.00 per month, visitors can keep this powerful auxiliary active.

Exhibitors publishing news on the microtechnology information portal will be privileged, since the AI will have direct access to it before anyone else. The SIAMS microtechnology community stands to gain.

See you soon at SIAMS in Moutier

Pierre-Yves Kohler, Director
Gilbert Gossen, Chief Neurosurgeon

PS: A set-up room will be set up just behind the Take Away, which this year will be run by LAB traiteur. Delicious specialities

SIAMS innovates once again by offering on-board AI to all its visitors


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