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03.04.2024 ABM Machines International Sàrl A - Machines

Sandblasting for additive 3D printing

3D printing often requires the surface finish of certain parts to be perfected.

To obtain a surface finish that is pleasing to the eye or to the touch, sandblasting is sometimes indispensable.

The cleaning of internal channels can be carried out using sandblasting, with the advantage of the certainty of perfectly controlled cleaning. We have also found that sandblasting is extremely effective for cleaning residual dust. The environment also enables dust to be managed efficiently. All this while providing a surface roughness in line with the project's specifications. Especially for metal parts subject to mechanical stress, 3D printing requires shot peening to prevent damage during the life of the part.

We can provide 3D printers with all the expertise they need to achieve their objectives: contact us for further details.

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Sandblasting for additive 3D printing


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