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03.11.2016 Fraisa SA D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

The new ToolCare® 2.1

What is ToolCare®? - Service that pays 
Optimum quality, innovative products and a comprehensive range of services define the scope of support available from FRAISA – for maximum customer benefit. In this context, our support services are not just supplements, but offer tangible and verifiable advantages to our customers, which literally "pay off".

All under control with ToolCare® 2.1
Productivity in your company can be significantly increased with ToolCare® 2.1, the new and comprehensive tool management system from FRAISA. To this end, our computer-aided, fully automated tool management system provides you with your individually selected range of tools.

With ToolCare® 2.1, the tools utilised in the production facility can be stored in a clearly organised manner, and efficiently managed. The FRAISA tool cabinet has labelled drawers and tools to ensure secure, clean and orderly storage of your equipment at all times. Errors are thereby avoided and work processes accelerated.

Web-based Version 2.1 for even more options
The new Version 2.1 additionally offers even more options, thanks to the management of the tools via the computer cloud solution: The web-based monitoring of minimum inventory levels, with fully automated reordering of tools, ensures that the tools required for the production process are always available.

The web-based system allows an overview of inventory levels to be viewed at any time via the internet. Total transparency regarding tool consumption and hence the associated costs is guaranteed at all times. The automated reordering process also significantly reduces procurement costs. 

ToolCare® 2.1 creates reliability, ensures transparency, saves time and reduces costs. Result: greater productivity and increased efficiency.

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The new ToolCare® 2.1


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