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28.11.2015 WTO GmbH D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Thread Whirling - Higher Productivity

The new developed WTO thread whirling unit sets new benchmarks in operating convenience. In comparison to existing thread whirling unit designs the WTO new quick tool changing system enables to change the cutting holder from the backside of the tool. The unit can stay on the machine and does not need to be realigned.

• Up to 12 blades increases the productivity and reduces vibrations significantly

• New quick tool change system enables changing the blades outside of the machine

• Insert blades are available from several cutting tool suppliers due to the open interface of the thread whirling unit

• Nominal diameter 12mm

• Due to adjustable range of 0° to 20° almost every profile shape can be done

• High precision and repeatability of the blades (maximum +/- 0,005 mm)

• Suitable thread whirling units available for most popular Swiss Type turning center models

Thread Whirling - Higher Productivity


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