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14.05.2024 Bachofen AG C - Automation

Visionary capabilities: predictive maintenance from Banner

Once machines start to vibrate, production can stall or come to a complete standstill and the costs resulting from downtime can take on astronomical proportions.
Predictive maintenance using a solution from Banner will ensure that things can never get that far. The reason for this is that the system is self-learning and can identify faults, before they occur.

Excessive vibrations caused by defective bearings, such as special bearings or cross roller bearings, affect the operation of motors, drive systems or ventilation systems and, in the worst-case scenario, can cause massive damage. In order to ensure safe operation, temperature and vibrations need to be permanently monitored. Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring, the smart monitoring system from Banner, is used for that precise purpose. Preventative maintenance prevents plant downtime and enables maintenance work to be scheduled in a targeted way.

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Visionary capabilities: predictive maintenance from Banner


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