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14.09.2023 Dropsa B - Equipment

What is Minimum Quantity Lubrication?

In recent years the metalworking industry has changed, requiring machines equipped with Minimum Quantity Lubrication systems for lubrication of tools, as an alternative to liquid coolant systems.
This need arises also from the increasing weight of environmental costs, constraints and regulations related to the use of cutting fluids. The aim of MQL machining is to replace, in a machining environment, the traditional coolant systems with a compressed air stream.

The lubricant is propelled and reduced in micro particles from the air flow transport which passes in front of the exit hole.

Thanks to the characteristics of Minimum Quantity Lubrication system, the cutting point is reached by a jet generated by a concentric flow which helps to avoids enlargement.

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What is Minimum Quantity Lubrication?


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