04.09.2020 BIG KAISER OUTILS DE PRECISION SA D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Angle Heads & Speed Increasers

Optimize your spindle with BIG KAISER's Angle Heads & Speed Increasers.
Harness your machine's current capabilities by adding an Angle Head. Without the expense of a new machine, you'll be able to perform vertical, horizontal and angular operations on your machine without repositioning the workpiece. 

Perhaps you are looking to boost the speed of your existing machine. Our Speed Increasers can increase your speeds up to 100,000 - 120,000 RPM as well as provide dramatic enhancements to surface finish quality and extended tool life. Speed Increasers provide all the performance benefits of a high-speed spindle without the increase in load, greatly extending the life and performance of your machine.


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