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29.10.2020 Tornos SA A - Machines

Are you prepared to tackle the challenges of 5G?

We are all ‘connected’ and in a world where connectivity and technology are increasing and equally important, it has become more prominent in the workplace. Regardless of production equipment or industry sector, the ‘factory of the future’ is here.

Innovation is furthered by technology and this is spreading around the world at astounding speed. A key engine for this phenomenon is mobile telephony: its ongoing development has brought fundamental changes in society. The Internet of Things or IoT, brings a vast network of physical devices and other equipment with incorporated electronic components, software, sensors, actuators and connectivity into our lives. The pace is relentless since 2018, when the first deployments of large-scale 5G networks and mobile networks arrived. By 2023, there will be more than 3,5 billion 5G subscribers, which will probably accelerate the transformation rate even further.

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