09.10.2015 FANUC Switzerland GmbH C - Automatisation

CR-35iA - Collaborative robot

Team up with me. I'll save you from the heavy work.

I'm the world's strongest collaborative robot. I can lift 35 kg. This combined with my reach and safety certification make me ideally suited to a whole range of manual processes that you humans have traditionally had to do alone. But thanks to me, that's all about to change. From now on I'm here to do the heavy lifting and positioning for you in a range of industries. That way you'll be free to do the more skilled work. But don't worry, my force sensors and soft rubber skin will keep you safe. I'm also happy working with you or alongside you. Either way, you can guide me, teach me or simply push me away if you need some space. As a team we're faster, safer and more effective.


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