19.10.2020 BIG KAISER OUTILS DE PRECISION SA D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Cutting Tools

Indexable cutting tools can offer significant advantage over standard solid carbide tools.
BIG KAISER offers a full line of high precision cutting tools. They are the superior choice for increasing production capacity and quality in all application especially extreme conditions. 

Indexable end mills provide sharp cutting edges by both high radial and axial directions which helps to maintain smooth and quiet end milling. BIG-PLUS dual contact fit design allows for higher precision and rigidity in your precision applications. 

Chamfering tools are offered in several different types to optimize performance for a given application. Small cutters with multiple inserts allow profile chamfering with optimal feed rates. Other cutters feature large chamfering inserts which permit I.D. chamfering over a wide range of bore diameters.


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