19.12.2016 Rollomatic SA A - Machines

Dual-arm industrial robot NEXTAGE

NEXTAGE liberates human beings from menial repetitive labor, allowing them to focus on areas that require creativity and generate added value, such as process management and improvement activities.

NEXTAGE is a new type of industrial robot which can perform tasks in location that are difficult for traditional robots. With its human-like geometry NEXTAGE can easily slide into where a person used to stand and utilize its two arms to take over that tedious job without the need for users to redesign the production line and without specialized robot tools.

Users can control and teach NEXTAGE what to do with a graphical user interface that can conveniently be handled by people without programming skills. Users can also take advantage of the four video cameras (two on the head and one on each arm) to conduct various tasks that were challenging for traditional industrial robots.

Accuracy is 0.5 mm utilizing the cameras, while position repeatability is 0.03 mm.

Hundreds of NEXTAGE are currently working in factories, some 24h/7days.

NEXTAGE coexists with human beings, at the same time it collaborates with conventional industrial robots and specialized equipment.  Industrial robots are now in the next phase of their evolution, from mere "equipment” to becoming a "partner".

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