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12.02.2020 EROWA AG C - Automatisation

EROWA Robot Dynamic 150L - Automation according to your needs

EROWA Robot Dynamic 150L

Automation according to your requirements, precisely as much as necessary: this is the concept of the ERD 150L. You acquire exactly as much automation as makes sense at the present time. If demands on production capacity change, the Robot system can be modularly extended at any time. The loading robot was uncompromisingly geared to the requirements of Industry 4.0: a high degree of functional density with the simplest operability.

Thanks to the almost unlimited possibilities and thanks to our product configurator, we can create precisely THE production cell that satisfies your requirements. If or when your requirements change, functions, interfaces and magazine positions can be extended at will. Existing investments remain in use, and further investment costs are calculable.

Up to 12 machines from various manufacturers and with varying machining technologies can be combined into a flexible production cell with the EROWA Robot Dynamic 150L, whose transfer weight capacity is up to 150kg. With the easy-to-operate process control system, jobs from batch size 1 can be automated in a profitable manner.

Various magazine sizes also allow for the optimal exploitation of limited space. The magazines provide space for an almost unlimited number of pallets and workpiece holders. Thanks to the autonomously loadable rack magazines, no down times occur. While the operator is loading the magazines, the Robot continues to work in the background without any interruption.

The extendable magazine levels create the highest degree of ergonomics for the loading/unloading process of pallets. Equally, the plug-in magazine slots offer an ingenious solution for the rapid loading of electrode holders.

Thanks to the integrated safety system, the production cell requires only one single access protection facility. The barriers are modularly extendable and favorably priced.

The whole cell can be supervised at a glance on the large touchscreen with the progressive and clear user concept. The operator can see quickly what jobs have already been completed or how much production time is still left.

EROWA Robot Dynamic 150L - Automation according to your needs


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