18.11.2021 proALPHA Schweiz AG

ERP for Automotive Suppliers

Satisfied OEMs, Successful Suppliers
OEMs place high demands on the supply chain of automotive suppliers, be it product quality, cost optimization, call-off orders or just-in-time deliveries. proALPHA ERP helps you integrate your business processes in the workflows of OEMs to fulfill all of their requirements. proALPHA controls all processes of the supply chain and coordinates logistic and commercial workflows between suppliers and OEMs. Both production and logistics are geared to given specifications. This supports you in communicating reliable delivery dates and respecting defined delivery intervals and packaging. Since notifications are immediately sent via workflows when call-off orders come in, you can also ensure delivery capacity.

Moreover, proALPHA accelerates cycle times: fully automated workflows and online integration of standardized EDI processes promote close cooperation with OEMs and upstream suppliers. The entire supply chain can be controlled by means of an intuitive graphical user interface.

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