04.02.2019 Ventura Mecanics SA A - Machines

Escomatic Toll-head complete overhaul

30 years experience in tool-heads overhaul

  • Direct and personal service. 
  • No middleman. Single source experts. 
  • All overhauls executed by qualified technicians. 
  • Precision Electronic Balancing (ISO 1940). 
  • More than 300 satisfied customers over 25 years. 
  • Short delivery time (2-3 weeks). 
  • Total overhaul by CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing). 
  • Respect of original Escomatic manufacturing tolerances by high standards of quality integrated control. 
  • All tool-heads tested and checked before delivery. 
  • We do not manufacture any precision turned parts therefore remaining non-competitive with our customers. 

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