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Fact-finding mission USA - A transformational learning experience!

Jan 05, 2020Jan 11, 2020
Silicon Valley / CES Las Vegas

Experience the innovation and entrepreneurship at the epicenter of the digital industry. Learn from people and companies that are at the cutting-edge of bringing digital technologies to market. You will be immersed into what drives digital disruption.

The first part is designed to expand your understanding what makes Silicon Valley work, and why it is a special place. Through talks and discussions at various companies with senior managers, you will experience the intertwining of entrepreneurship and innovation. The part will include a packed program of visits at prominent global innovators, thriving start-ups and Swiss-outposts with other activities such as network events, investor talks and innovation experiences.

The second part will happen at the Consumer Electronics Show (www.ces.tech) in Las Vegas; the world's largest event for consumer technologies with 4’400 international exhibitors, 180’000 visitors from all over the world and 300 conferences with high caliber speakers. You will see applied innovations of today that will change your life tomorrow.

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