08.07.2016 FANUC Switzerland GmbH C - Automatisation

FANUC robot with Asyril Feeder

The collaboration between FANUC, the worldwide leader and well-known specialist for factory automation and Asyril, an expert in flexible feeding systems, opens up new possibilities in high performance bulk part feeding.

The 3-axes vibration technology of the Asycube feeder makes it possible, that parts can be moved in all directions, which guarantees an extremely gentle part handling. The integrated and adjustable backlight offers the FANUC robot precise part detection. With the smart vision process iRVision, which is part of the robot, the feeder will always make the most efficient command, wherever the component is located on the pick surface.

All possible feeder commands are fully integrated in the new software running on the robot controller R-30iB. It is available for all FANUC robot models. The communication is running on Ethernet and up to 8 feeders can be connected simultaneously to one FANUC robot controller.


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