03.01.2016 SPT Roth AG D - Outils-Accessoires-Mécanique

Fine Ceramics Solutions

Ceramic injection moulding (CIM) of small complex & precise components in micron tolerances.
Materials include Alumina, Zirconia, Zirconia-toughened Alumina and polycrystalline Ruby. SPT has micro-hole expertise with materials such as ceramics and cermets. Its around-the-clock advanced processing capabilities are available worldwide.

Sample products: 

Medical tools & implants

Dental applications

Industrial and Electronic components

Nozzles with hole diameter less than 15µm

Picture: Complete Development Chain: from the Ceramic Powder to Mass Production with the CIM Process. SPT is the first address for custom made ultra precision ceramic parts. During the entire engineering and development process our specialized staff works together with the customer to optimize the target product and production chain.


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