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14.10.2020 Forplan AG A - Machines

Hot Stuff - Well Done!

The part on the left directly after milling and drilling without any pre-deburring on a machine or by hand.
You can see the marks of the cutting tools as well as the rough edges. Furthermore, the holes still feature sharp edges and the burrs in the cross-sections are still present.

The same part on the right after the magnetic finishing process. The milling marks are gone and the surface is homogenous. The edges are deburred, even in the cross-sections and all tolerances remain unchanged. The process is extremely gentle and protects all vital tolerances and parts dimensions. It only attacks burrs and cross-section burrs. It is highly effective for parts internal deburring, too.

The technology is applicable with all non-magnetic materials.

This process is available exclusively at Forplan.

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