15.05.2019 FANUC Switzerland GmbH A - Machines

Long reach, high productivity

FANUC has expanded its extensive range of models by two robots: the M-20iD/25 handling robot and the welding version ARC Mate 120iD. Both are characterised by higher axis speeds and a large working range compared to their predecessors. Both new robots are controlled by the R-30iB Plus controller.

The two models have a maximum payload of 25 kg and a range of 1,831 mm. Customers will appreciate that the robot can reach closer to its own base, increasing the active stroke to 1,585 mm compared to its predecessor models. The robots M-20iD/25 and ARC Mate 120iD feature new drive train resulting to significantly higher axis speeds. The repeatability is now further improved up to ± 0.02 mm. Claude Seiler, Manager European Technical Support Robotics at FANUC Europe: “Thanks to the design changes and the optimised design, the new iD robots have a significantly higher motion performance.” More performance and extremely high reliability then lead to effectiveness and profitability.

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