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Lubrication system for road sweepers

Having an urban environment that is always clean is a very important aspect that contributes to improving our way of life within our cities.

When faced with these dynamics, a lubrication system assumes a role that is much more pivotal than one might think, and you’re probably wondering why...

Road sweeping: an intense activity

In general, in order to clean pavements, roads, bus stops, car parks and narrow alleyways, a road sweeper would be used - a machine capable of sweeping and cleaning surfaces no matter the environmental or weather conditions.

The cleaning activity is carried out consistently throughout the seasons, with specific tasks. At the end of winter, accumulated debris such as gravel, rubbish and rubble must be collected, since they pose a potential hazard to cyclists and pedestrians.

In autumn, once the leaves have fallen, accumulated foliage can be a potential danger to drainage systems and may cause them to become clogged and consequently result in a decrease in river water quality. 

Grease lubrication for sweepers

The intense activity that sweepers must undergo causes a high strain on the mechanical components responsible for moving both the machine and the brush mechanism.

For this reason, we have designed and installed a grease lubrication system for some plain shaft bearings, some hydraulic cylinder joint bearings and for the movable ends of flat springs.

The system is composed of the Omega Automatic 12V electric pump, equipped with an advanced touch screen display with which you can set and manage lubrication cycles, alarms and controls, and which also provides for constant monitoring of all functions.

In combination with the pump, SMO progressive feeders have been chosen that guarantee precise lubrication while maximising the effectiveness of the lubrication system.

They consist of a base, made up of a minimum of three elements, and dosing valves; thanks to their modularity they allow the system to be easily extended or modified without disturbing the pipes.

What are the advantages of lubrication?

The system specifically designed for the sweeper has modern features and provides the user with different advantages:

- the possibility of advanced grease flow monitoring

- different options for setting system parameters

- communication of the pomp to the Cloud, that allows to intervene in case of breakdowns.

- consequent savings in terms of costs and machine maintenance time.

Now it’s clear how a lubrication system also plays a pivotal part in keeping our cities clean. Who would have thought?

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